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#1 Source for GRIPflow® Metal Stampings, Dies,
Wire-EDM & CNC Machining

Best Economical Alternative to Fineblanking

Best Economical Alternative To Fineblanking

Eliminates Secondary Operations

Eliminates Secondary Operations

Complete Tooling Facility

Complete Tooling Facility

CNC Machining, Wire-EDM & Other SubcontractorServices

CNC Machining, Wire-EDM & Other Subcontractor Services

Over 50 Years of Excellence

EBway is on the leading edge of technology.

Since 1961 EBway has been at the forefront of metal stamping technology. Innovation, creativity and quality have been the pillars through the years, continuously exploring ways to improve and reduce costs of conventional and Fineblanking processes.

grip flow Sample Parts

Die-Roll Sample Gripflow® Part


Small Web Sections Sample Gripflow® Part

Small Web-Sections

Small Holes Sample Grifplow® Part

Small Holes & Small Web-Sections

Coined Features

Coined Features

Increase Metal Thickness Sample Gripflow® Part

Increase Material Thickness

Stainless Steel Sample Gripflow® Part

Stainless Steel – 300 and 400 series

Aluminum Sample Gripflow® Part


EBway Precision Metal Stampings