Prototype & Other Tooling

Low Cost Prototype Tooling

Simulation of prog die stations with prototype tooling is possible.

Try a short-run prototype tool before committing to a higher volume of production parts.

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Short-Run Prototype Tools

Need to verify how your part will work in an assembly before committing to production tooling? EBway can give you the support you need by building a short-run prototype tool to make your sample parts. This way, you will know if modifications to the part are required to meet fit, form and function before committing to a longer running production tool.

Grip Blanking Services

Grip Blanking dies, the predecessors to GRIPflow® dies, are used when tight tolerances are not required, similar to conventional tooling. The same press equipment used to produce GRIPflow® stampings can also be utilized to produce parts from Grip Blanking dies.

Download the GRIPflow® Design Guide

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