GRIPflow® Tooling

Made in the U.S.A.

A precision part begins with the tool.

EBway quotes, designs and builds GRIPflow® dies in its facility based on the customer’s part prints and volumes.

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Tooling Production Process

The GRIPflow® Design Guide is a great resource for the customer’s design department to help create part prints that can be readily produced using the GRIPflow® process.

GRIPflow® Compound Dies

EBway can build GRIPflow® compound dies that eliminate many secondary machining operations and, at times, replace conventional progressive dies.

GRIPflow® Progressive Dies

EBway can also build progressive dies for GRIPflow® and Grip Blanking parts. Over the years EBway has developed ways of building tools that can reduce the number of stations required to make parts with coining, bending, piercing, and lancing, and other metal forming operations. GRIPflow® requires less tonnage than conventional or fineblanked stampings. EBway’s current press equipment have a maximum tonnage of 440 tons.

Download the GRIPflow® Design Guide

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