GRIPflow® Compared to Conventional Stampings

Eliminates Secondary Operations

Are you broaching, drilling, reaming, countersinking milling or straightening parts?

GRIPflow® can put an end to many of these costly secondary operations that conventional stampers are forced to do.

Interested in quality metal stampings? Request a quote for your project today.

Save Money and Time

Unlike conventional stampings, GRIPflow® parts have smooth, fully sheared, straight-cut edges with a full bearing surface and tight tolerances as shown in the comparison below.

GRIPflow® Compared to Conventional Stamping

Left: Conventional Stamping, Right: GRIPflow® Stamping

GRIPflow® Stamping Features

The GRIPflow® stamping process has excellent dimensional controls and repeatability throughout a production run providing stampings with improved quality and reduced costs eliminating many secondary operations. Below are some features available with GRIPflow®.



Weld Projection


Small Web Sections


Both Sides

Completely Thru


Decrease Material


Angle Cut on Edge

Straight Hole

Hole ø Less Than Metal Thickness

Forms over 90°


Why settle for a stamping that doesn’t meet your part print and requires extra machining operations after being stamped? Let us quote your parts using GRIPflow® to see if we can save you money and give you a better quality part!

Download the GRIPflow® Design Guide

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